Calzados Pujol, or also known as "La Fabrica" has been opened in 1943. At the beginning, our family business was established to produce "jute espdrilles" and later engagend in the sale of all types of footwear.
Since 2006, the store called "Pou Calçats", has been extended by the current owner Emilia Pou and influed by her daughter, co-owner Sandra Vilavedra Pou.




Thanks to dedicated care, investment and increased work effort of our team, who is working tirelessly to enhance our shop, products and services, we could add to the actually traditional sale our online service, to be even closer to our clients and improve communication.
Our online shop www.poushoes.com has been launched by using newest technologies and with the aim to issue internationally.




We have mainly specialized in fashion for your feet by following newest trends for children, young people, men and women shoes. Combining colours with craft will make you feel this authentic mediterranean style of our Costa Brava as our authentic company stands for top national brands and high quality.


As a family-run business, with more than 50 years of history, we will be always happy to provide you with any help or recommendation finding the perfect shoes for every occasion.


Thank you for your confidence!