06/11/2014 Interview with Globeida

Globeida does an interview in Poushoes.
Interview: http://es.globedia.com/poushoes-centra-consolidarse-referente-mercado-nacional_1

10/21/2014 Winners Prizes and-show in Madrid

The Poushoes project wins the eCommerce Innovation Post Logistics International Prize in Madrid eShow fair.

Receiving several awards:
- A trip to the fair in Sao Paolo eShow (Brazil).
- A session Master Class on Innovation and future in the digital world.
- Check on the cover and an interview in the magazine eMagazine.
- Support Offices in all commercial and logistics activities, giving the company the opportunity to begin the International marketing costs very economic transport.

In this award the jury praised:
- Sales strategy
- Design and creativity of the web
- Accessibility of the web
- Campaign on Social Networks
- Logistics Strategy
- Inventory Management and Order
- Delivery Periods
- Reputation in social networks

12/11/2014 News in Globeida

Globeida makes a story to Poushoes, winners of the eCommerce Innovation Post International Logistics Award in the eShow fair in Madrid.
News http://es.globedia.com/premio-innovacion-logistica-commerce-poushoes

01/15/2015 News in Globeida

Globeida makes a second news in Poushoes for his performance against a high demand for French customers, taking the initiative to translate its online store into French.

01/20/2015 News Guillem Alsina

The website "ycom" makes a Poushoes news for the internationalization of trade thanks to digital marketing agency InvertiaWeb, responsible for carrying out the internationalization online and positioning your e-commerce.
News http://ycom.cat/tecnologia/aixi-pot-competir-internacionalment-un-comerc-local/

02.25.2015 Participation in the Day Powered

The shop Poushoes part in a conference on Electronic Commerce focused on boosting trade Off On.

06/23/2015 Sao Paulo Travel

PouShoes in 2015 eshow Sao Paulo, knew how Online Marketing and eCommerce Brazilian works.
They listened to the advice of Aliexpres to open market in South America. On Aliexpress, use Blast VISA pre-paid.
In ComSchool, they recommended:
- Analyze occasionally spotlights current sales according to the devices and channels available to boost sales
- Aliexpress translate with google translate for an audience of low balor purchasing or looking for opportunities

08/10/2015 News Association to AETENG
Poushoes associates has achieved (Association of New Technologies deGirona)
News us3.campaignarchive1.com/?u=af63604d85ae20c7e9b94e3a8&id=b48440f2ca&e=efbfcfa489

11/04/2015 Interview e-showmagazine

Poushoes interview in the journal e-showmagazine.
Interview: http://www.the-emagazine.com/ecommerce/categoria-113-entrevistas/0411-noticia-queremos-ser-un-referente-de-calzado-con-las-mejores-marcas-nacionales

11/16/2015 News E-SHOWMAGAZINE to AENTEG

AENTEG makes a news Poushoes for its eCommerce Innovation Award International Logistics and e-interview-magazine show.
News http://www.aenteg.com/index.php/noticies/noticies-dels-associats/item/373-entrevista-a-la-revista-especialitzada-en-comerc-electronic-eshowmagazine-al-empresa- witn-al-aenteg-poushoes

30.11.2015 Visit Store inside Google

Google makes a visit inside the store Poushoes, can visit the shop from any device. http://www.poushoes.com/iWeb/GTour/

16/12/2015 Jordi Blog

Jordi founder of the Marketing Agency Camps "InvertiaWeb innovates Solutions SL", makes a story on his blog eCommerce International Logistics Innovation prize won by Poushoes.
News http://www.jordicamps.com/tienda-de-zapatos-poushoes-es-portada-en-the-emagazine/2015/12/